Our work would not be possible without the support of a few amazing local organizations, here is how we are supported.

Aylesbury Town Council

Aylesbury Town Council helped get us off the ground by funding our own initial kit, providing bags, with constant support and ideas on what we could do next.

Fairhive Homes

Fairhive Homes (formally Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust – VAHT) has helped with the funding of new equipment with a grant from the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust Thriving Communities Fund. VAHT also assist with the collection and disposal of bags we collect.

Sustainable Aylesbury

Website Womble created this website for us and is from Sustainable Aylesbury, who are on a mission to make Aylesbury a greener and more sustainable place that we are proud to call home. They will be working with us in the future to help get things done with the many councils we deal with

Buckinghamshire Council

Buckinghamshire Council collect and dispose of the bags we collect, matches funds we raise, provide us with bin bags, and provides loads of general advice and support

The Print Lab

Print Lab has kindly sponsored the Wombleteens so we have big love for them! They offer high-quality printing and embroidery services and take pride in meeting your requirements, providing great value. If you need embroidered garments, printed banners or paper look no further


Morrisons Aylesbury sponsors the Womblettes, our under 13’s group. Morrisons have been providing great quality groceries in the heart of Aylesbury for years.

The National Lottery Community Fund

The National Lottery have awarded the group a grant from their Community Fund, they are the largest community funder in the UK.

Thank you to all the #NationalLottery players for making a difference in our community. This funding will make a huge difference to our on going work to make Aylesbury a cleaner, greener and a better place to live.

Other Organisations worth a mention

There are several other local groups we think are worth a shout out as we share the same passion for a cleaner country

If you are looking to buy your own kit

If you are interested in a spot of Wombling and want to own your very own set of kit we recommend Helping Hand Environment‘s gear. While cheaper kit is available, it is a false economy, don’t risk creating litter by buying trash!