‘It’s not our rubbish … but it is our town’

Aylesbury Wombles was formed in June 2019 by Abigail Walker, a then 14-year-old, after learning about the Environment at school which inspired her to start litter picking.

After a litter pick with her Dad Richard, she wondered if they could gather together a group of people who wanted to make Aylesbury a greener, cleaner and better place to live……so the Aylesbury Wombles was born.

We have collected…


bags of rubbish in 2022

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Do you want to join us for a group pick? take a look below and see what is coming up – updated weekly on a Monday or Tuesday……

If you’re not ready to join the group picks, why not go solo!

All you need are some bags and litter pickers and we can lend you these if you don’t have them already, just ask.

Don’t forget to tell us how many bags you collect and the area you’ve cleared plus any photos (we love photos) – via Facebook – and we will add them to this years total.

🌟Please feel free to join us on any of our listed events: all you need is enthusiasm ( & a pair of gloves would be handy ) and we supply everything else

🌟Check out the date, time & locations below and just turn up : you will be able to spot us in our dashing hi-vis jackets and of course our all Electric Womble Wagon will be there…

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We have collected…


bags of rubbish since we began

(June 2019)